Mobank Artboards
Public art display spanning two billboards in the Crossroads, sponsored by Mobank. March 2017 — June 2017.

‘To Alfonso’
Poem published in the September 2016 issue of KC Studio Magazine

‘Sincerely Yours’ (group gallery show, June 2016)
Exhibit at Paragraph Gallery also featuring artwork by Neil Goss and Monica Dixon. (Pitch review.)

‘The One Thing That Can Save America’
Letterpress publication compiled by St. Louis poet and art critic Jessica Baran, also featuring writing by Danny Volin and Jason Preu. Edition of 200, April 2016.

‘Until It’s All You See’ (gallery essay/poem, November 2015)

‘Free Buses That Go Everywhere And Run All Night‘ (public writing project, 2015)

Summer Sequence (typewriter installation, June 2015)

Rollercoaster Nostalgia (appearance on KCUR 89.3 ‘Central Standard’ May 2015)

Charlotte Street Studio Residency (essays and interviews, 2014-2016)

‘What The Left Hand is Doing’ (collaborative publication, 2014) (literary website, 2012 — ongoing)