The river also changes its mind about things
A modern-day haiku journey through a season of collective uncertainty. A 96-page paperback published in Dec. 2021 via solodiscopress.
Literary website founded in 2012 with Jennifer Wetzel, featuring original fiction, essay, poetry and photography by 50 different writers in Kansas City region.

The Year of the Owl
Compiled from several year’s worth of studio writings, short poems, microfiction, and excerpts from essays and letters, arranged in a complete calendar of short writing.

Mobank Artboards
Public art commission spanning two billboards in the Crossroads

‘To Alfonso’
Poem published in print and online edition of KC Studio Magazine

‘Sincerely Yours’
Exhibit at Paragraph Gallery also featuring artwork by Neil Goss and Monica Dixon, curated by University of Kansas fine arts professor Michael Krueger.

‘The One Thing That Can Save America’
Letterpress publication compiled by poet Jessica Baran, also featuring writing by Danny Volin and Jason Preu. Edition of 200.

‘Until It’s All You See’
Concrete prose poem written to accompany solo painting exhibit by Robert Bingaman. Also wrote critical essay for his website.

‘Free Buses That Go Everywhere And Run All Night
Public writing project featuring a typewriter stand on a crowded city sidewalk near a bus stop featuring different prompts about social and personal issues.

Summer Sequence
Part of typewriter installation featured in salon show, “Displacement/Thisplacemeant,” curated by Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia.

Rollercoaster Nostalgia
Radio appearance on KCUR 89.3 “Central Standard” program, following local interest essay that went viral several years after initial publication. Shared on

Kansas City Collection
Wrote essays for three featured artists, Emily Connell, Miranda Clark and Gloria Baker Feinstein.

Charlotte Street Studio Residency
Essays and interviews with fellow studio residents in CSF Studio Residency program, 2014-2016.

‘What The Left Hand is Doing’
Collaborative publication with painter Robert Bingaman. Edition of 100 (sold out). Naive and fantastical works of fictitious autobiography.

Mythical Colored Ink Pen Memoirs
Written in 2011 the day after I quit smoking cigarettes. Mostly ridiculous but a few good lines.

Top 15 Reasons I Didn’t Respond To Your Email
Published in Summer 2015 issue of NYC arts journal, The Artist Catalogue

Erasure Poems
Three poems created by selectively isolating lines of text from old Opera News magazines, published in 2015 in “Suggested Volume.”

Old blog, 2005 – 2011. Many posts. Young, attention-seeking and full of hope.

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