What The Left Hand is Doing

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by Lucas Wetzel and Robert Josiah Bingaman, 2014

“For several months in 2013, I lost the use of my right hand. I soon began learning to write with my left hand, attempting to form shapes and then letters on a child’s wide-ruled tablet. As I concentrated on the spacing and alignment of each character, the words and sentences took on a life of their own, straying into realms of childhood innocence, surrealism, humor, mythology, and loss … After I read a few of these pages out loud to my friend Robert Bingaman, an accomplished painter, he set a similar challenge for himself of drawing, and then painting, with his left hand … By creating new neural pathways and/or tapping into our ‘right brains,’ we found we’d opened a shortcut to a reservoir of imagination and wonder we hadn’t realized was still accessible.”  — excerpt from the introduction

The result of this experiment is “What The Left Hand is Doing,” a 28-page book that presents the writing and artwork in tandem, with high-quality, full-color facsimiles of the writer’s notebook entries and the artist’s sketches and paintings.

A limited run of the book has been printed and is available now for $10, shipping included. Please use the PayPal button below or contact the author for more information.



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