The Pitch (former alt. weekly, now glossy monthly magazine)

As Down Under, So Up Top: Summertime Play and Mortal Thoughts At Rosedale Park

Jon Brick Talks About ‘Uncommon Allies’, His Urgent New Documentary

Unheralded Turkey Creek May Yet Have Its Day

Monica Dixon’s ‘Temenos’ Puts a Lot of Movement in Motion — But Don’t Call it ‘Dance’

A Trip Down Local Label Symbol Heavy’s Rabbit Hole

Seven Steps to Being A Parent Without Losing Your Mind

The Lawrence Journal-World (wrote weekly column on Kansas City arts and culture)

36 Hours in Kansas City (final column, Dec. 2015)

The Ultimate Mexican Feast (favorite column, Sep. 2015)

(full ‘Kansas City Connection’ archives)

Kawsmouth (literary website based in Kansas City)

Issue 3, June 2012, Palace of the Apes

Issue 7, October 2012, Crumblecake Metropolis

Issue 13, Fall 2013, Waiting For Devin: A pre-mortem for a retrofitted airport 

Issue 16, Fall 2014, 12 on 12th

September, 2015, Free Buses That Go Everywhere and Run All Night

(I may add more links to published work soon, but since many of them are dated I’m sticking to mostly clips from the past year. More writing on “projects” and “blog” tabs)

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