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triptych of recent travels through new york, the sand dunes and larned, kansas


Palace of the Apes


With so many people checking out my old Zambezi Zinger post all of a sudden, I thought I’d link to another exploration of a bygone (yet still extant) Kansas City icon: the former Great Ape House at the Kansas City Zoo. Read the full piece here.

MCI > ???


“What does interest me about Kansas City International Airport is its atmosphere — or lack thereof. With some level of renovation almost a certainty, I resolved to explore the airport’s vibe and personality before any big changes took place. The best way to do this, I decided, would be to try something few sane individuals have ever attempted. I wanted to go to the airport — not to catch a flight or pick someone up — but simply to hang out.”

Read all about my adventures at KCI over at Kawsmouth.